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RENEW Wisconsin leads and accelerates the transformation to Wisconsin's renewable energy future through advocacy, education, and collaboration.

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Utility "Rate Cases" 2014

Some of Wisconsin's largest power companies have proposed changes to their pricing models which will slow down the growth of renewable energy in Wisconsin. Learn more and take action!

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Here are some ways you can make your voice heard:

  1. Sign the Petition to utility executives

  2. Send a letter to the editor of a local newspaper and your legislators, mayor, city council, and county board representatives.

Learn More

View RENEW's overviews of proposed changes and media coverage of each case.

  • Wisconsin Public Service - Raising monthly fixed fees
  • We Energies - Raising monthly fixed fees and directly attacking solar, small wind, and biogas
  • Madison Gas & Electric - Raising monthly fixed fees
  • Why is this important?

    1. Property owner rights to finance and purchase solar how they choose.

    2. Free market capitalism and the right to compete to offer an alternative to the energy monopoly called utilities.

    3. National security through energy independence from foreign nations.

    4. Job creation through energy production in WI rather than exporting over $12 billion per year to other states to buy our energy. As of 2013, the solar industry had 143,000 jobs; coal mining has 90,000.

    5. Keep our Federal Investment Tax Credits here in Wisconsin instead of investing it in other states.

    6. Solar provides value to the utility and grid that is worth roughly the electric retail rate, as has been shown by studies in Minnesota, Vermont, and Nevada

    7. 89% of Wisconsin citizens want more solar power (2012 polling)

    8. Protecting natural resources for the future and protection of Wisconsin's environment

    9. State law explicitly favors energy conservation and renewable energy where cost-effective and technically feasible. Clean renewable energy is both!

    10. Our state should not allow utilities to discourage customer renewable energy or energy efficiency efforts through the use of backward price signals and extra fees and restrictions on customer bills.

    Sign on to Statement of Support for Clean Energy Choice

    We believe the Wisconsin renewable energy business community will enjoy substantial and sustained growth if allowed to use the same tools that are available in over 20 states. This is why we strongly endorse the Clean Energy Choice initiative, and look forward to supporting legislation next year that would exempt third party-owned renewable energy systems that sell energy directly to the host customer from the definition of a public utility. Join over 100 Wisconsin business, organizations, and local governments that have already signed on in support of Clean Energy Choice.

    Install Renewables

    Renewables are getting more affordable every day. If you are interested in installing solar, wind, or bioenergy systems on your business, farm, or residence, please have a look at the following links:

    • Focus on Energy - The Focus on Energy program has helped Wisconsin residents save over $730 million dollars on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Homeowners should check out the incentives for solar electric and geothermal installations.
    • Our business members are made up of a wide variety of organizations and businesses related to renewable energy development in the state. We have a number of installers and developers as member who can help you develop your own project.
    • If you are considering installing a do-it-yourself renewables project, be sure to check out our toolboxes, which contain valuable information and resources on installation, siting, and legal requirements.

    Volunteer for RENEW

    Have a little time to spare? Are you committed to promoting more clean energy in Wisconsin? There are a number of ways you can volunteer to help RENEW in its mission, even if you aren't located in the Madison area. Call or email us to find out more. (608) 255-4044 ext. 3.

    Rate Case Update

    Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of public comments in the Wisconsin Public Service, We Energies, and Madison Gas & Electric rate cases!

    Read our Report: Over 90% of public comments received were opposed to the proposed rate changes, and over 3,500 comments were registered in total.

    Rate Case Results

    November 6: The PSC verbally approved a $19 monthly fixed charge for electricity for WPS, up from $10 but not as high as the $25 requested by WPS. The PSC also approved an $18 monthly fixed charge for natural gas.