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RENEW Wisconsin leads and represents businesses, organizations, and individuals who seek more clean, renewable energy in Wisconsin.

In its 22nd year, RENEW continues to advance renewable energy policies for Wisconsin through advocacy, education, and collaborative initiatives. RENEW is at the policy and regulation table every day representing over 60 Business Members conducting renewable energy business in Wisconsin as well as over 300 individuals and other organizations who share our vision for Wisconsin.

You can help! Below, you'll find current opportunites to help shape the future of renewable energy in Wisconsin.

Install Renewables

Renewables are getting more affordable every day. If you are interested in installing solar, wind, or bioenergy systems on your business, farm, or residence, please have a look at the following links:

  • Focus on Energy - The Focus on Energy program has helped Wisconsin residents save over $730 million dollars on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. They recently released their 2014 Request for Proposals for businesses and organizations. Homeowners should check out the incentives for solar electric and geothermal installations.
  • Our business members are made up of a wide variety of organizations and businesses related to renewable energy development in the state. We have a number of installers and developers as member who can help you develop your own project.
  • If you are considering installing a do-it-yourself renewables project, be sure to check out our toolboxes, which contain valuable information and resources on installation, siting, and legal requirments.

Sign on to Statement of Support for Clean Energy Choice

We believe the Wisconsin renewable energy business community will enjoy substantial and sustained growth if allowed to use the same tools that are available in over 20 states. This is why we strongly endorse the Clean Energy Choice initiative, and look forward to supporting legislation next year that would exempt third party-owned renewable energy systems that sell energy directly to the host customer from the definition of a public utility. Join nearly 100 Wisconsin business, organizations, and local governments that have already signed on in support of Clean Energy Choice.

Volunteer for RENEW

Have a little time to spare? Are you committed to promoting more clean energy in Wisconsin? There are a number of ways you can volunteer to help RENEW in its mission, even if you aren't located in the Madison area.. Call or email us to find out more. (608) 225-4044 ext. 3.