Focus On Energy

Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross' solar array received a Focus on Energy grant

Established in 2001, Focus on Energy is the state of Wisconsin's energy efficiency and renewable energy incentive program.

From the beginning, RENEW Wisconsin has been an effective champion for customer use of renewable energy. Focus on Energy grants and incentives typically cover between 10% and 25% of a project's total cost, resulting in:

Latest Developments

Port of Milwaukee's 2012 wind installation received a Focus on Energy grant
  • The new Renewable Energy Revolving Loan Fund has launched! An informational powerpoint (from February 2016) is available here and the recording of the webinar is available here.

  • Check out Focus on Energy Renewable Rewards to find out how much funding is available for projects.

  • In Spring 2015, the program announced $3.8 million in incentives for new projects owned by businesses. Learn more!

  • A program for anaerobic digesters on small and mid-sized farms was launched in Fall 2015. Responses to the initial RFP were due in September, and we are awaiting further program announcements from Focus on Energy and the PSC.

  • Historical Spending

    RENEW's Successful Advocacy for Focus on Energy

  • 2014: RENEW actively participated in Focus on Energy's four-year planning process. As a result of RENEW's advocacy, the Public Service Commission approved $5 million in project incentives for 2015, $3.5 million in 2016, a $6.4 million digester program, and a new $10 million revolving loan fund.

  • 2013: RENEW advocacy generated more than 600 comments to the Public Service Commission opposing its decision to suspend renewables incentives for the second time in three years.

  • 2011-2012: Following the suspension of renewable energy incentives, RENEW mobilized stakeholders to advocate for their reinstatement.

  • 2004-2006: RENEW advanced policy proposals to protect Focus on Energy's funding. RENEW's efforts led to the adoption of 2005 Act 141, Wisconsin's energy efficiency and renewables law.

  • 2002-2009: RENEW was actively involved in the roll-out and implementation of the statewide renewable energy program.

  • 1999: RENEW formulated and advanced model policy that became the statewide Focus on Energy program.