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Insty Prints Finds Energy Savings

Martin Palacios (left), Ulises Palacios (center) Jim Walsh (right), owner of Insty-Prints on the Capitol Square , Madison, found the right thermostat setting to save money and maintain productivity.

Spring 2011
Siting Rule Suspension Rocks Wind Industry
Community Biogas Project Fires Up
Insty Prints: Mpower ChaMpion
Manitoba Hydro: A Washout?
Verona Firm Begins Work on “Epic” PV

Seventh Generation Pioneers Wind

The staff of Seventh Gen (left to right): Jim Yockey, executive director; Alicia Leinberger, marketing; Dave Drapac, resource division manager; Andrew Herr, lead technician; Barb Schwarz, office manager; Nick Kiedrowski, technician; Mike Kieraldo, met tower manager; Myron Tanner, site assessor.

The incoming solar energy is sufficient to maintain temperatures at 80°F in the 4,200 square foot Fort Atkinson high school pool most of the year. Even in the winter, substantial energy savings are achieved when the water is preheated to 70°F.

Summer 2010
Council Backs Compromise on Siting Standards
Community Wind on Move in Cashton
Seventh Generation Pioneers Wind
Making Sense of the Gulf Disaster
Turbines Power Cascade Wastewater

Spring 2010
Case Builds for the Clean Energy Jobs Act Bills
Tour Spotlights Homegrown Renewables
Energizing Fort Atkinson Schools
Clearing Up Lakes with Clean Energy
Of Molehills and Renewable Energy

Rich Adamski

Rick Adamaski worked along with installers from Seventh Generation Energy to complete turbine installation in the frigid days of February 2009. Focus on Energy granted approximately $30,000 toward the turbine project and approximately $2,000 for the solar hot water installation on Adamski’s residence.

Jenny Heinzen

Jenny Heinzen, RENEW’s president and wind technology instructor at Lakeshore Technical College, admits to climbing so many towers that she cannot remember what tower she was climbing when the photo was taken.


Fall 2009
+ Doyle Signs Wind Siting Reform Bill into Law
+ Solar Outlook Set to Dim in 2010
+ PSC Approves Coal to Wood Conversion
+ Producer Profile: Rick Adamski
+ Educating Schools on Solar Air Heating
+ RENEW Slams Anti-Wind Article
+ Calendar

Summer 2009
+ It's Time to Bring Renewable Energy Home
+ In Memoriam: Bob Gilbertson
+ Board Member Brings Green Home
+ Renewables Profile: Jenny Heinzen
+ Manure Digesters Good Fit
+ Solar Innovator: Craig Tarr
+ Calendar

Spring 2009
+ Legislature to Tackle Wind Permitting
+ The Importance of Doing the Math
+ Stimulus Package 101
+ Policy Drives Solar Hot Water Market
+ PSC Investigates Renewable Tariffs
+ Open Letter from RENEW President
+ Calendar

Bob Ramlow

The sun powers everything at Bob Ramlow’s residence near Amherst. The house gets electricity from a 2.4 kw installation and hot water and space heat from 320 square feet of solar collectors. The Artha Bed and Breakfast, open year round, sports a 1.6 kw installation, 32 square feet of collectors to provide space heating, and another 80 square feet of collectors for domestic hot water. Even the water fountain runs on solar in the summer.

Wes Slaymaker

Wes Slaymaker, EcoEnergy, Vice President, of Wind Energy Development and a
turbine technician straddle a 2 MW turbine high above Germany.

Pinehurst Inn

The Pinehurst Inn’s Garden House features solar heated water along with other ecofriendly touches as well as country charm outside of Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Winter 2008/2009
+ Rest in Peace: Cassville Generation Plant
+ Mississippi River Bird and Bat Study
+ Osceola School Heats Pools with Solar
+ Bob Ramlow: Solar Pioneer
+ Focus on Energy Issues Biogas Profiles
+ Focus on Energy Earns National Honor
+ State Plugs into Renewable Energy
+ Calendar

Summer/fall 2008
+ Peak Oil Spices Meeting with Cong. Baldwin
+ Countdown to Solar Tour
+ Solar H2O on Madison Fire Stations
+ Global Warming Task Force Report
+ Wisconsin’s Newest Wind Projects
+ PHEV+Wind=Clean Air
+ Small Wind Conference Wrap-up

Spring 2008
+ RENEW Battles Local Opposition to Wind
+ Starting a Renewable Energy Business
+ Renewable Profiles: Wes Slaymaker
+ Solar Hot Water from the Garden
+ Reviving a Classic Wind Machine

Winter 2008
+ Solar Water Heating's Day of Superlatives
+ Calumet Voters Strongly Favor Wind
+ Renewable Profiles: Steve & Nancy Sandstrom
+ Wind a No Go in Trempealeau
+ Windpower Projects Near Completion

Jeff Knutson

Jeff Knutson stands with his Toyota Prius in front of his net zero energy, net zero emissions office building duirng an open house to celebrate the building’s completion.

Jeff Riggert

Jeff Riggert (center) stands on the roof of his net-zero-energy home and explains the workings of an evacuated tube solar water heater to Ross DePaolo (left) and another visitor during an open house in April.

Summer 2007
+ Random Thoughts from This Year’s Renewable Energy Fair
+ RENEW Objects to Town Ordinance
+ A Federal Energy Policy?
+ Renewable Profiles: Jeff Knutson
+ State Must End Wind Roadblocks
+ RENEW Lunch and Meeting, Sept. 15
+ RENEW Argues for Uniform Tariffs
+ Walter: MGE Gets High Marks
+ WPPI Adds PV at HQ

Spring 2007
+ Wind Farm Construction Explodes While Manufacturing Lags
+ “But what’s the payback?”
+ Renewable Profiles: Jeff Riggert
+ Can Ethanol Kick Fossil Fuels?
+ Coal Rush Negatives Wind’s Promise
+ Energy co-dependents: Russia, America, and Energy Security

Don Wichert

Don Wichert stands near the pole-mounted PV arrays at the new building of the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation and home to Focus on Energy.

Andrew Bangert 

Andy Bangert works with Chad Silverthorn (on the roof) and Pete Bunch (behind Andy) on an installation at the home of Karl and Nina Loeffler just outside of Madison.

Niels Wolter 

Niels Wolter stands above a 1.264 kw, dual axis, grid-connection solar array in the backyard of his Madison home. A second solar installation on the house’s front roof provides hot water.

Amy Taivalkoski

Amy Taivalkoski, wind site assessor, uses a GPS finder to map possible locations for residential or commercial wind turbines. (Tree lines are definitely not good sites, but reasonable backgrounds for photos.)

Winter 2006
+ RENEW, Clean Wisconsin Defend Wind Power Project
+ We Energies Cops National Honors
+ Don Wichert: RENEW Founder and Tireless Advocate
+ How I Fell in Love with My Solar Dryer
+ PSC Approves WE Wind Project
+ Doyle Sets Plans to Expand Renewables

Fall 2006
+ 2nd U.S. Solar Testing Lab Opens in State
+ Payback Analysis: Impediment to Sustainability
+ Andy Bangert: Solar Installer & Master Electrician
+ MGE, WPPI Tap into Top of Iowa Wind Projects
+ Wind Energy Projects Slowly Advance
+ Neenah Paper Buys Reams of Renewable Electricity

Summer 2006
+ Misplaced Security Concerns Still Wind Projects
+ Doyle Embraces Energy Independence
+ Profiles in Leadership: Niels Wolter
+ Wisconsin Tops in Cow Power

Spring 2006
+ State's energy house back in order
+ WE bulllish on wind energy
+ Producer profile: Amy Taivalkoski
+ Ethanol mandate runs out of gas
+ WE updates renewable program
+ State renewable grants available



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