2017 RENEW Wisconsin Activities & Action Plan

Mission Statement

RENEW's mission is to lead and accelerate the transition to Wisconsin's renewable energy future through advocacy, education, and collaboration.

Our 2017 Activities and Action Plan reflect our mission and our members' best interests in advancing and defending bioenergy, solar power, wind power, and hydropower in Wisconsin.

Current Initiatives:

Utility Rate Cases Focus on Energy Renewables Program Clean Energy Transmission Lines
Defending Clean Energy in the Courts Annual Energy Policy Summit Ride with RENEW
Solar for Good

Learn more about renewable energy technologies and Wisconsin policy issues:

Solar Energy Wind Energy Bioenergy Hydropower

Our ongoing work also includes:

Organizing Stakeholders

Policy decisions are made in a variety of legal, administrative, and institutional settings. RENEW will represent renewable energy supporters and stakeholders in these settings to convey formulated positions on policies that can potentially advance or weaken Wisconsin’s renewable energy marketplace. RENEW will provide the organized voice on renewables in Wisconsin through public advocacy and social media campaigns.

Advancing Third Party Ownership

For economic reasons, most small-scale renewable energy facilities in the country are owned and installed by third parties. It is often easier for third parties to take advantage of federal credits and business depreciation, while relieving the property owner of the responsibility of financing the system and building it. RENEW Wisconsin believes not allowing these agreements infringes on property rights of customers like you and limits your options when considering sourcing energy from a renewable system on your own property, and we will continue to gather supporters and educate legislators on this issue.

Wind Permitting Rules & Issues

RENEW's Michael Vickerman will continue to sit on the Wind Siting Council and represent the interests of reasonable permitting to encourage investment in wind power in Wisconsin. The Council will be meting throughout 2015 to discuss health impacts related to wind energy development.

Defend & Upgrade Wisconsin's 10% Renewable Energy Standard

RENEW formulated a 10% renewable energy standard on electric utilities by 2015. Adopted in 2006, this modest standard has largely been met and achieved it's purpose in expanding renewable energy. RENEW estimates over $2.3 billion worth of investment into Wisconsin was driven by this law. However, despite our early leadership, our 10% standard is now tied for the lowest in the country among states that have a target like this, and is outpaced by our neighbors Minnesota (25% by 2025), Iowa (already gets 25% of electricity from wind), and Illinois (25% standard by 2025) among other states. RENEW will continue to tout the benefits of an expanded renewable energy standard and an upgrade to include a target for in-state distributed renewable applications.