This toolkit is for clean energy advocates looking for ways to engage with their audiences on the importance of net metering in Wisconsin.

Net metering is a utility billing policy that enables customers who generate electricity from their own solar systems to receive a bill credit for any energy they export to the grid. This arrangement encourages residential and business customers to invest in solar power, reducing carbon emissions and providing substantial economic benefits to their neighbors and communities.

According to Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), “traditional net energy metering (NEM) is fundamentally a bill credit that represents the full retail value of distributed electricity delivered to the distribution system, and has been a critical policy for valuing and enabling distributed generation.”




Rooftop solar is a key resource to meet Wisconsin’s decarbonization goals. Fair net metering policies advance rooftop solar solutions for working families. #SaveSolarWI

Solar Installer is one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States. Without fair net metering policies, thousands of working families will be at risk because of decreased solar adoption. #SaveSolarWI

The widespread adoption of rooftop solar supported by net metering benefits local economies and creates jobs. The installation, maintenance, and servicing of solar systems generate employment opportunities in the renewable energy sector, fostering economic growth and providing long-term benefits for Wisconsin businesses and communities. #SaveSolarWI

Net metering empowers individuals and businesses to take control of their energy production and consumption. This increased self-reliance gives individuals greater control over their energy costs, provides a hedge against rising electricity prices, and enhances energy security. #SaveSolarWI


Everyone should have access to the benefits of clean energy. Fair net metering lowers the financial barriers to rooftop solar. #SaveSolarWI

Net metering provides a predictable financial incentive for investing in rooftop solar, making it a viable investment for low to moderate-income households. #SaveSolarWI

Net metering encourages the adoption of renewable energy sources like rooftop solar, offering a myriad of environmental and health benefits to Wisconsin communities. #SaveSolarWI






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