As part of our work to expand renewable energy, Renew Wisconsin facilitates the following programs.

Solar for Good

RENEW Wisconsin’s Solar for Good initiative fosters the expansion of solar power among mission-based nonprofits and houses of worship in Wisconsin.

Through a generous partnership with a local philanthropists Cal and Laurie Couillard, RENEW Wisconsin awards grants to nonprofit organizations to assist them in installing solar PV. Solar for Good also offers small grants for technical assistance to get projects started and see them through to success. Solar for Good helps publicize funded projects to spread the word and educate Wisconsin about the benefits of solar.

Faith and Solar

We have teamed up with Wisconsin Green Muslims to share the benefits of solar energy with houses of worship in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Green Muslims hosts a series of workshops across the state to bring people together around the power of solar energy for people of faith.


RENEW Wisconsin works on behalf of the City of Madison to administer the MadiSUN Solar Programs to increase the number of residences in the City of Madison with solar systems. The Group Buy for Rooftop Solar program allows residents to use collective buying power to bring down the cost of a solar installation, while having the opportunity to get all questions answered by experienced installers. MadiSUN also works with Summit Credit Union to offer a Solar Loan Program to make going solar more affordable.