Work with Us!

We’re looking for team members to help us achieve our mission of leading and accelerating the transformation to Wisconsin’s renewable energy future. We’re currently hiring the following positions. People of color, women, and other underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Government Affairs Director

RENEW Wisconsin is hiring an Executive Director to help us advance renewable energy in Wisconsin. As Director of Government Affairs, you will lead RENEW’s public policy development and advocacy efforts in the State of Wisconsin. In coordination with the Board of Directors and Executive Director, you will be responsible for developing policy goals and the strategies to achieve them. You will be the lead person for communication and engagement with public officials and key stakeholders. Your primary focus will be on state-level policies developed by legislators and administration officials. This is an excellent opportunity to make a significant difference in Wisconsin’s future!

Communications and Events Coordinator

RENEW Wisconsin seeks a motivated individual to support events and communications in order to build a stronger, healthier, more vibrant Wisconsin through the advancement of renewable energy.