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RENEW Wisconsin advocates for renewable energy in Wisconsin at state and local venues. You can find us hard at work: 

At the Public Service Commission
We talk to the state agency with the authority to make many of Wisconsin’s energy decisions.
Our current priorities.


In the State Capitol
We educate 
State Legislators to advance and protect the interests of clean energy.
Our current priorities.


In your Community
We work with citizens and local governments on policies and projects that support renewable energy growth.
Our current priorities.

Our Current Priorities at the PSC

2019 Rate Cases

We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service have full “rate cases” in 2019, where a wide variety of those utilities’ policies and charges will be reviewed.  RENEW will be advocating for policies that advance renewable energy of all sizes and types, as well as electric vehicles.

Focus on Energy

We earned a huge victory in 2018 with a continuance and increase in funding for Focus on Energy’s renewable energy programs for 2019 through 2022!  We stay engaged to ensure the details of the program are implemented to benefit renewable energy customers and installers. Learn More

Corporate Buyers Tariffs

We help utilities structure tariffs for large corporate buyers to access clean, renewable energy.  Madison Gas & Electric successfully initiated this model in 2017, and We Energies gained approval in late 2018.  Now, Alliant Energy has filed to create a similar tariff. Learn More

Net Metering

We help preserve net metering and other distributed generation policies that allow homeowners and businesses to produce their own energy. These issues typically coincide with rate cases that utilities file once every two-to-four years. Learn More

Solar Farms

On the heels of having approved the Badger Hollow and Two Creeks projects, the PSC is now reviewing the Badger State and Point Beach solar farm proposals. RENEW will continue to support solar energy projects that are responsibly developed and will create more homegrown, healthy, and cost-effective energy right here in Wisconsin.

Electric Vehicles

The PSC has opened a “generic docket” to learn more information about electric vehicles, but not to make any binding decisions.  RENEW Wisconsin is participating by relaying information that can benefit both electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Legislative Watchlist

State Budget Bill: Senate Bill 59 / Assembly Bill 56

There are numerous renewable energy issues in the 2019-21 State Budget Bill including creating a 100% carbon free goal for Wisconsin; $10 million for EV charging station grants; $75 million for energy efficiency and renewable energy for State facilities; Increasing intervenor compensation funding; Increase Focus on Energy Funding; Create a renewable energy tax credit at WEDC.  Also see the RENEW Wisconsin Legislative Alert.

Senate Bill 91 / Assembly Bill 113

RENEW supports this bill relating to buying and selling water pollution credits through a central clearinghouse.

Senate Bill 218

RENEW supports this legislation that would provide reimbursement grants to employers for payment of costs for certification programs in solar energy and wind energy systems.

RENEW Wisconsin is engaged in and following many other pieces of legislation and administrative rules that may affect renewable energy businesses and interests. 

Current Local Initiatives

City of Madison 100% renewable energy resolution

The City of Madison passed a resolution to achieve 100% renewable energy. We are working with the City, utilities, and renewable energy developers to meet this goal. Learn More

Dane County’s pursuit of 100% renewable electricity

Dane County is making investments in solar, biogas, clean vehicles, and pursuing efforts to ramp up renewable energy production. RENEW Wisconsin’s Tyler Huebner chairs the County Council’s Electric Generation. Learn More


Property Assessed Clean Energy is a financing mechanism helping building owners invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. More than 25 Wisconsin counties enable these projects. Learn More

Cheq Bay Renewables

Cheq Bay Renewables is a nonprofit that explores numerous solar and distributed energy projects in the Chequamagon Bay area, including Bayfield, Washburn, Ashland, and beyond. Learn More

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