Net metering is a utility billing policy that enables customers who generate electricity from their own solar systems to receive a bill credit for any energy they export to the grid. This arrangement encourages residential and business customers to invest in solar power, reducing carbon emissions and providing substantial economic benefits to their neighbors and communities.

According to Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), “traditional net energy metering (NEM) is fundamentally a bill credit that represents the full retail value of distributed electricity delivered to the distribution system, and has been a critical policy for valuing and enabling distributed generation.”

If passed, this utility proposal will depress demand for rooftop solar, leading to layoffs for local clean energy workers, creating new hardships for customers and local governments in meeting their clean energy goals, and moving solar out of reach for many Wisconsinites.

We’ve included sample messages for you to submit comments to the PSCW. The PSCW allows one comment per case. As you prepare your comments, keep in mind that customizing your message will have a greater impact. Comments are the most effective when they are short, to the point, and have a personal perspective. Please take the time to share why net metering is important to you! MGE’s comment period is open through September 26.

Sample Message –    MGE:

I’m writing in support of fair net metering policies for Wisconsin. The changes to net metering under review in Docket No. 3270-UR-125 would make investing in rooftop solar harder and more expensive.

Net metering empowers Wisconsinites to take control of their energy consumption, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future. It is the single most important policy enabling every Wisconsin home, farm, business, and institution to own solar. By reducing strain on the grid, stabilizing energy prices, and fostering job growth, the benefits of net metering extend well beyond the solar customer.

Madison Gas and Electric’s proposal before the Public Service Commission will unfairly reduce the compensation customers receive for the energy they produce with their investment in solar. In addition, the compensation rates will be subject to change every year, creating uncertainty over the system’s value in the long term. Advancing this proposal will make it more difficult for people who cannot afford the upfront cost of purchasing solar panels to find the financing they might need, and will discourage the adoption of rooftop solar, negatively impacting our local economy.

Rooftop solar can be a boon for historically marginalized communities, providing access to clean energy and reducing utility bills for households disproportionately burdened by high electricity costs. These savings free up resources for other essentials like education, healthcare, and better living conditions. Our energy policies should be making it easier for all Wisconsinites to reap the benefits of clean energy.

Now is not the time to derail our progress on distributed solar in Wisconsin!

Thank you for your support on this important issue.


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