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Solar energy presents an incredible opportunity for Wisconsin homes, businesses, institutions, and electric utilities. We can choose an energy source that we can all feel good about, while lowering our costs and keeping our energy dollars local.

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Focus on Energy

For residential, business, and nonprofit customers who want to install solar energy systems, we advocate for continued funding for rebates through the Focus on Energy statewide program. Our latest victory in 2016 delivered $8.6 million in rebates, which we estimate will allow over 1200 homes and nearly 100 businesses to install solar in 2017 and 2018 combined.

Net Metering

We protect net metering which allows customers with their own solar panels to get full credit for generating solar energy.

Large Scale Solar

We work to expand the number of large-scale solar projects so that, over time, we can replace Wisconsin’s aging power plants with clean, renewable energy.  To make this happen we partner with solar developers and power companies to chart the path forward.  We encourage utilities to partner with companies that want to develop more clean energy at scale, and we support win-win solar development with a voluntary pollinator-friendly standard that will enable bees, birds, and soil to thrive where solar development sprouts up.

Case Studies

Case Study

Residential Solar

Thais Passos and David Toland installed solar on their home, with help from the MadiSUN solar group buy. “It’s great! We are even happier than we thought we’d be with installing solar.”  To learn more about solar for homes, see our Resources below.  

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Case Study

American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance, a multi-line insurer headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin and a Fortune 500 company, partnered with SunPeak to build the largest rooftop solar system in the state of Wisconsin at its national headquarters. The almost 1.2MW solar photovoltaic system covers a large rooftop on the corporate campus with 4,488 solar panels. This system now generates over 7% of their energy needs.

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Case Study

Tim Martinez

Martinez is a superintendent and construction manager at EcoPower, overseeing teams of solar installers across the country. His Wisconsin team of about 30 workers installs solar systems in the Milwaukee and Madison area.

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Solar for Good

Through a generous partnership with a local philanthropist, RENEW Wisconsin will award a total of $125,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations to assist them in installing solar PV. Solar for Good will also offer small grants for technical assistance to get projects started and see them through to success.

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Case Study

Casey Joyce

Casey works as a Project Manager for SunPeak, a Madison-based solar energy company that has helped dozens of companies across Wisconsin and the entire Midwest save energy and money by going solar.

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Erik Davidsen

Erik is a master electrician and an 18-year career veteran at Staff Electric, managing the company’s solar installs in the Milwaukee area. Currently, he’s working on projects at Badger Meter and Lakefront Brewery.

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Case Study

Dairyland Power Cooperative and SoCore Energy

In 2015-2017, Dairyland Power Cooperative collaborated with SoCore Energy to build an 18 MWac portfolio of ground mount solar projects across 14 sites plus 1.6 MWac of community solar projects across 9 sites in Wisconsin and Iowa.

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