A draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) created by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is before the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin regarding Vista Sands Solar Farm and is missing a discussion of solar’s impact on reducing carbon emissions. In its current form, the EIS is also missing a full description of the effects of climate change on the Greater Prairie Chicken. Knowing these environmental impacts could help the PSCW during their decision-making process.

Join us in asking that the EIS be revised to include necessary information as it relates to the Greater Prairie Chicken and the impacts the Vista Sands Solar Farm would have on this protected bird and its habitat. Comments for the PSCW related to the EIS are due by the end of the day on June 14.

Sample comments are provided below. Personalized comments are more effective, please take the time to make your message to the PSCW unique.

Sample Comments:

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) made for the Vista Sands Solar Farm by the Department of Natural Resources should be revised to reflect all aspects of the proposed solar farm. The current version of the EIS is missing key considerations related to how Vista Sands would reduce carbon emissions. Vista Sands would, in combination with other clean energy resources, mitigate climate change, which is a key driver in habitat loss for the Greater Prairie Chicken.

The EIS is also missing important details, such as a complete description of over a century of land changes, and other the main reasons for the Greater Prairie Chicken’s habitat loss in the region. I am urging the DNR to update their EIS to create a more complete picture of the Greater Prairie Chicken, its habitat, and the benefits of reduced carbon emissions.