Considering Leasing your Land for a Solar Farm?

The costs of renewable energy continue to come down and solar developers are increasingly looking for land to host solar projects. Here are some considerations to determine if your land is a good is feasible for a solar farm.

How much acreage do you have?

One megawatt of solar typically requires 6-8 acres of land. The typical solar farm (which is getting bigger and bigger over time) is around 5-20 megawatts, so it could require between 30-150 acres.

Is your land located next to existing transmission infrastructure?

Nearby high voltage transmission lines, 3-phase distribution lines, or substations are key elements of connecting a solar farm to the grid so that it can be sold to utilities. Building extra transmission infrastructure can be so cost-prohibitive that it ruins the potential of a solar farm. The best locations are next to existing infrastructure.

Tell us about your land, and we’ll connect you with someone that can help you determine feasibility for a solar farm.


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