Project Profiles

Solar PV

Aldo Leopold Center

Aldo Leopold Legacy Center

"The Land Ethic in Physical Form: How can we ensure that both people and the land will prosper in the long run?” Read more here

Central Waters

Central Waters Brewing Company

Truly making the world a better place, one beer at a time. Read more here

Cottage Glen logo

Cottage Glen at Ellison Bay

“Door County development with a respect for natural beauty and a commitment to the environment.” Read more here

Project SOARR

Project SOARR - Supporting Opportunities in Advancing Renewable Resources

“Doing good by going green: Inspiring the next generation of green leaders” Read more here

Helene's Hilltop Orchard

Helene’s Hilltop Orchard

“Doing Double Duty, the Sun Produces Delicious Apples and Power for Helene’s Hilltop Orchard”. Read more here

Madison Solar

Madison Residence 2014

This case study describes one family's participation in H&H Solar's Solar Homes Partnership, a group buy program that generates a stream of revenue supporting the John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club. Read more here

Solar Thermal

Platteville Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar Hot Water in Platteville

Says Nancy Collins: “We want our children to grow up thinking that it’s normal for families to harvest solar energy.” Read more here

Fort Atkinson High School swimming pool

Fort Atkinson School District

School officials have made no secret of their aspiration to make Fort Atkinson the most energy-efficient and self-sufficient K-12 district in the state. Read more here

Sun Harvest Farm

Sun Harvest Farm

"In 2005 we embarked on major renovations and additions to our old farmhouse." Jerry and Penny Kroener of Ridgeway, WI, improved the efficiency of their farmhouse, installed two solar PV systems, and a counter-flow masonry heater fireplace. Read more here

Wigwam Mills

Wigwam Mills

Placed in service in February 2008, Wigwam’s 27 solar collectors supply 47 percent of the hot water used by the company to shrink, bleach, antimicrobial treat, wash and soften 40,000 pairs of socks each day. Read more here

Madison Fire station

Madison Fire Stations

Solar hot water douses rising energy costs at Madison Fire stations. Read more here

Park Central Apartments

Park Central Apartments

Solar hot water systems for multifamily buildings. Read more here

Osceola High School

Osceola Middle School

Solar-heated pool passes the test at Osceola school. Read more here or view the Focus on Energy case study.

Small Wind Projects

Wind turbine


“Wind-powered education in southwest Wisconsin”. Read more here

Wind turbine

Preder Farm

Sustainable family farm operation powered by renewable wind energy. Read more here

Fountain Prairie Inn & Farms

A genuine portrait of the Wisconsin farmer… where sustainable farming, environmental stewardship, and productive business are one and the same”. Read more here

Port of Milwaukee

“The City of Milwaukee’s First Wind Turbine Harvests Clean Energy on the Shores of Lake Michigan”. Read more here

Learn more about the project and see live production data at the City of Milwaukee's website See also the Facebook post regarding the project's two-year aniversary.

Biogas Projects

Forest County Potawatomi Community (FCPC) Renewable Generation, LLC., Biodigester

This waste-to-energy project, the first of its kind in the Milwaukee-area and one of the largest in the Midwest, takes high strength liquid residuals which were previously handled as a waste stream from food and beverage industries and utilizes these residuals to generate electricity and heat. Read more here or see Tom Content's article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


“University develops nation’s first dry fermentation anaerobic digester.” Read more here

Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy

Wisconsin’s Largest Family-Owned Dairy Converts Manure into Useful Energy for the Farm and Surrounding Communities. Read more here

GreenWhey Energy

“We’re removing about 1,000 pounds of phosphorus from the wastewater everyday,” says Eric Ludy, Quality Assurance Manager at GreenWhey. Read more here. An additional article is available at St. Croix 360.

Other Case Studies

Down on the Farm with Clean Energy

“Down on the Farm,” a new report by Clean Wisconsin, highlights five farmers around the state who have invested in clean energy. From manure digesters to wind turbines, these technologies can help farmers reduce costs, stabilize profit margins, minimize their impact on the environment and turn farm waste into a valuable commodity. . Read more here

Milwaukee Public Library Rooftop Goes Solar

In the 1890's, the expansive rooftop of Milwaukee Public Library was designed simply to keep out the weather. Over a century later, Milwaukee's visionaries decided to turn 30,000 sq. ft. of the library’s roof into a green roof full of rainwater-loving plants—and a solar power plant. Read more here

Madison's Solar America City Program

Madison was designated by the U.S.Department of Energy (DOE) on June 20, 2007, as a Solar America City. Madison has been an excellent place to showcase solar energy in Wisconsin, even prior to receiving assistance through the Solar America Cities partnership. Read more here

Milwaukee's Solar America City Program

The City of Milwaukee was designated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on March 28, 2008, as a Solar America City. At the start of its engagement in the Solar America Cities program, Milwaukee was developing a focus on climate protection, having signed the Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement and having formed the Office of Environmental Sustainability as a cabinet-level office within the city. Read more here