Sturgeon Bay Utilities (SBU) has filed an application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to revise its parallel generation tariffs, significantly altering the way SBU compensates electric generation from its customers who go solar. SBU’s wholesale provider, WPPI Energy,  has stated that it intends to replicate these proposed changes with all of its municipal electric utilities in Wisconsin. Check here to see if your utility could be affected.

If accepted, SBU’s proposal would modify its net metering tariff so that excess generation at the end of each billing month would be subject to wholesale rates instead of retail rates. For larger solar installations (above 20 kilowatts), SBU proposes that all excess generation is subject to volatile wholesale prices, which are typically low and subject to annual changes.

RENEW Wisconsin is the only intervening party in the case and has submitted testimony arguing to preserve net metering and pay larger solar installations (at schools, hospitals, and businesses) at rates that reflect SBU’s avoided costs, which is defined as the amount the utility saves when their customers generate solar power. See RENEW’s direct testimony for details.

The PSC has opened up the public comment period in this case (docket 5780-TE-111). You have until the end of the day on May 9 to submit your comments to the PSC. Tell the PSC to ensure that there is an economic pathway for customers to go solar. We need to preserve net metering for all customers in Sturgeon Bay and the rest of Wisconsin and pay fair rates for larger customer-sited renewable facilities.