Small Wind Toolbox

This toolbox set was assembled and provided by Mick Sagrillo of Sagrillo Power & Light. Many of the fact sheets were authored by Mick over many years for publication in other venues. Although some of the materials are Wisconsin-specific, we hope that this toolbox will be of assistance to anyone planning to install a wind turbine for their own use.

Note: Some of the materials below are copyrighted by Mick Sagrillo and are provided exclusively for individual educational use, NOT for purposes of bulk copying, distribution or sales. For any other use, please contact Mick Sagrillo at for specific permission.

Toolbox - Information for Homeowners and Installers

Toolbox - Fact Sheets for Permits and Zoning Hearings

Toolbox - Wisconsin Specific Information

Applications and Forms


Wisconsin - Interconnection

Wisconsin Electrical Codes

Wisconsin - Funding Opportunities

Focus on Energy Program

USDA Section Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Funding For Farms and Rural Small Businesses

Wisconsin - Legal

Wisconsin - Zoning


Wisconsin Small Wind Installations

List of operating Small Wind Generating Facilities installed in Wisconsin after passage of 2005 Act 141 (between 10 kW and 300 kW) from 3/17/06 to 3/31/11

Project Map showing Wisconsin's wind installations

Map showing Wisconsin installers

Wind Turbine in Shawano County