From an article by Jeremiah Tucker in The Sauk Prairie Eagle:

The primary reason Stan Temple is installing a large solar-panel unit outside his home is environmental.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Temple said.

But after that, it’s all about the green — and he doesn’t mean energy.

Originally, Temple and his wife, Jane Rundell, were going to install the panels before Dec. 31 when a federal tax credit for solar energy was scheduled to expire.

But when Congress passed the Wall Street bailout package last month a rider was added that extended the 30 percent tax credit for eight years and removed its $2,000 cap.

“If your tax burden don’t exceed that amount, you’ll get a refund,” Temple said.

Now Temple is waiting to activate his solar panels until Jan. 1 in order to take advantage of the new legislation.

After the federal tax credit, Temple also will receive a credit from Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program that provides financial incentives for installing renewable energy sources.

And because of a deal he struck with Alliant Energy, he won’t even be using the panels to power his home.

“Alliant will buy my solar power for 25 cents per kilowatt hour, and I pay 11,” Temple said.

Alliant now joins MG&E and We Energies in paying a premium rate for customer-generated solar electricity.