From the Web site of City Utilities of Richland Center:

Electric customers in Richland Center are benefitting from a new application of solar power in the city. The community-owned utility recently installed an array of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at City Hall.

City Utilities of Richland Center installed three dual axis trackers with a total output of 8.64 kilowatts, providing approximately 14,500 kilowatt-hours of emissions-free electricity each year.

“It is our objective to be a model for the use of renewable energy,” said Commission President Rod Perry. “By supporting community-wide renewable projects, City Utilities is illustrating the practical use of renewable energy and enticing customers to do the same.”

Solar PV systems collect energy from sunlight and convert it into electricity, providing renewable, emissions-free energy. These highly visible projects demonstrate the technology, while educating the community on their benefits, operation and performance.

City Utilities pursued various grant opportunities, including funding from its power supplier WPPI Energy, to help fund the purchase and installation of the solar PV systems. The project is contracted through H&H Solar Energy of Madison and became operational in September 2008.

“We’re working hard to lead by example,” said Perry. “The use of renewable energy is a simple step anyone can take to help create a cleaner energy future.”

The project

Three 2.88 kW dual-axis trackers
14,220 kWh per year
PV panels: Kyocera KD180
Installed by H & H Solar Energy Services
Output detail