From an article by Jessica Larsen in The Tomah Journal:

About 40 residents attended a public hearing in Tomah on Tuesday to present their opinions about wind turbine siting to the Public Service Commission.

The PSC held afternoon and evening meetings at the Tomah Holiday Inn. The Tomah hearing was one of several held around Wisconsin.

The general consensus was support for wind turbines as long as there were educated regulations for where and how to build them. Seventeen residents voiced their opinion, and other attendees wrote theirs out in the hour-long meeting.

The information received from each hearing and other submitted testimonies will be reviewed by the commission and incorporated into the Wind Siting Rule this summer. The commission will then send the final Wind Siting Rule to the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate. The rule will be assigned to a committee in each house, and the committees have 30 days to review it and may hold public hearings. After legislative review, the final Wind Siting Rule takes effect.

Vernon County resident Natalie McIntire said she supports the emergence of wind power.

“Wind development will bring benefits to residents like me,” she said. “But if Wisconsin adopts unreasonable rules, it will drive benefits to other states.”

Speakers discussed the bad side effects such as the noise, flicker, health of those near the turbines and loss of scenery.

“I really wish, hope and pray that you would not put these in our country,” said Gurido VonAulock.