An announcement Regenerative Culture:

In this time of economic recession, climate change, resource depletion and social isolation, it is clear our current systems aren’t working. Our world is changing and our leaders aren’t leading.

Ariane Burgess, founder of Regenerative Culture, will offer an interactive presentation that outlines the new community leadership training course she may offer here if there’s enough interest.

She will overview our current crises and highlight the course’s approach to helping us re-skill and lead our communities toward a resilient and regenerative future.

The holistic and in-depth approach Ms. Burgess will present focuses on 5 key dimensions of community design:
Economic, Ecological, Social, Worldview and Leadership. These five elements are woven to create a springboard to help us move from talk and theory into action. She will describe how the course will help us prepare, communicate and implement action plans to develop our community’s resilience.

The free talks will be held:
• Tues, March 9 at 7:00 p.m. – Western Technical College, 220 South Main Street, Viroqua