A letter to the editor to the Dodgeville Chronicle by Joel H. Goodman, M. Architecture diploma, MIT; former assistant professor of architecture at the U. of Minnesota:

Solar electric rooftops, covered with PhotoVoltaic (photons-to-volts) solar panels called PV, is a main part of a low carbon electricity infrastructure plan. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas pollution causing global warming, reduce stress on the grid, and create local jobs. Of course, no one wants a large added first cost for installing PV solar panels when paying for the construction of a new building.

Therefore, it would be sensible to design new buildings to be SOLAR PV READY. Design features of new buildings prepared for the future addition of large areas of solar electric PV panels include: roof shape, slope and structure; place for PV system inverters, and connecting electrical conduits. A large area Solar PV READY roof could be attractive for stimulus funds, and something positive for the children’s future.

Link to fact sheets on solar-ready residences and solar-ready commercial buildings.