From an article by Nate Enwald in The Pointer, Stevens Point, WI:

Students at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point are in for a few changes in their dining routines at DeBot Dining Center; some may have noticed a change in the Oct. 11 Monday menu and what it served, or lack thereof.

The University Dining Services department has taken to the “Meatless Monday” movement that has been a spreading trend in other schools across the country. The new meatless menu that began on Oct. 11 is scheduled to take effect for the Mondays of Nov. 8, Feb. 7, and April 11.

The Monday Campaigns originally started the “Meatless Monday” movement in association with the Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health, with the goal of reducing the consumption of meat by 15 percent. This movement hopes to ultimately better public health and reduce the carbon footprint left by the production, transportation and cooking of meats.

“We are doing this [Meatless Monday] to raise awareness about the program and the benefits of lowering meat consumption,” said Kathleen Gould, the Public Relations representative and Marketing Coordinator of University Dining Services.

At, the organization promotes going meatless at least once a week to aid in efforts of reducing the public health issues of cancer, diabetes and obesity along with the inevitable ecological benefits that go with a meatless diet.