From an article by Brad Bryan in the Leader Telegram (Eau Claire):

Imagine driving from Eau Claire to Alaska’s border with Canada five times. Or going around the world at the equator almost one and a quarter times.

That’s the number of miles – more than 29,000 – that 85 Department of Natural Resources employees did not drive during their recently concluded 28-week Gas Free Challenge.

Finishing on Halloween, the challenge coaxed intrepid employees in the 19-county West Central Region to brave spring rains, summer storms and autumn chills. In doing so, they kept 12.39 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) from being released into the atmosphere.

Their goal, however, was less about environmentalism, cost-savings and fitness than it was about awareness.

“I think that once people actually try it and recognize they can get to work on their bikes, it will change how they think about how they get to work,” DNR worker Beth Norquist said.