The draft of Eau Claire’s comprehensive plan on sustainability lists these key issues:

1. Energy: What should the City do to foster improved local energy production,
efficiency, conservation, and diversification by using more alternative fuels?
2. Local Food: What should the City do to promote area food production and
consumption while reducing the amount of waste the food industry creates?
3. Environmental Conservation: What should the City do to safeguard our ecosystems,
trees, soil, and water resources?
4. Atmosphere: What should the City do to reduce our contribution to global
warming and minimize air pollution?
5. Managing Waste: What should the City do to promote consumer product
awareness, increase recycling rates, and reduce the amount of substances entering
into landfills?
6. Strong and Healthy Community: How should the City continue to protect its
citizens from disease, and promote healthy living, civic engagement, cultural and
ethnic diversity, while partnering with others to provide these activities?
7. Sustainable Development: How should the City guide and promote development
so that buildings and neighborhoods incorporate sustainable features?
8. Balanced Transportation: How can the City increase mobility choices by
enhancing other forms of transportation besides that for automobiles? How can
transportation infrastructure be designed efficiently, safely, with the environment in
mind, and connect to other local and regional networks?
9. Greener Economy: How can the City bolster the local economy by attracting
green-collar jobs, supporting our small businesses, and increasing sustainable
10. Sustainable Government: What should the City do to provide good government,
cost-effective services, cooperation with other governments, and meet the needs of
our citizens while not compromising the needs of future generations?