From a letter to the editor of the Racine Journal Times by Mark M. Giese, Racine:

Energy efficiency a great idea here

I applaud the City of Racine for recognizing that energy efficiency is a win-win-win situation (“Stimulus funds used for new energy-saving loan program,” March 13).

Homeowners will “win” when the program reduces their energy bills.

Simple improvements, such as increasing insulation or replacing old, inefficient appliances, really have an impact. On average, each dollar invested in efficiency saves three dollars in avoided energy costs.

Our local economy will “win” in two ways. The program will increase the demand for appliances, weatherizing and other efficiency upgrades, which means greater sales for businesses. These jobs can’t be outsourced, since they involve work on local homes.

The other economic “win” comes when homeowners start seeing smaller heating and electricity bills. That will leave them more money to spend in local restaurants and shops.

The third “win” is for the environment. Way too much of Wisconsin’s electricity still comes from dirty coal plants and the coal from environment-destroying mountaintop removal. Less electricity used means less coal burned and more mountain areas unharmed, which means cleaner air and water.