From a media release issued by Focus on Energy:

MADISON, Wis. (January 14, 2009) – With the help of Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable energy initiative, Ball Corporation has completed a number of energy saving improvements and upgrades at its Wisconsin plants in Milwaukee, DeForest and Watertown.

The changes made in Ball’s three plants are expected to provide $560,636 in savings annually due to reduced energy consumption. Ball received $431,181 in cash incentives through Focus on Energy in 2008 to boost its efforts toward becoming more energy efficient.

“Ball Corporation has made a huge investment in its Wisconsin facilities,” said Ken Williams, Focus on Energy’s business programs director. “By making energy management a priority in its business plan, Ball Corporation will reduce its energy use, experience cost savings and benefit the environment for years to come.”

“These projects were part of our ongoing sustainability program,” explained Doug Barndt, principle energy-demand engineer for Ball. “Focus on Energy was very straightforward and easy to work with, and the incentives they provided were an important catalyst in making lasting, meaningful changes in our Wisconsin operations.”

The Milwaukee facility, which manufactures two-piece beverage and food cans, received the majority of incentive funds for projects that will reduce energy consumption by 2,523,540 kilowatt-hours of electricity and 470,875 therms of natural gas annually – enough energy to power 738 homes for a year.

The biggest energy saver was an innovative heat recovery system that captures waste heat from its regenerative thermal oxidizer and uses it to supply preheated water to the boiler of its heating system. The plant also installed new energy management controls for its HVAC system and replaced nearly 600 light fixtures with high efficiency models.