From a story by Chuck Quirmbach on Wisconsin Public Radio:

Energy efficiency advocates are trying to keep the energy savings momentum going in Wisconsin, despite the legislature’s failure to pass a major clean energy bill.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) would have counted some energy efficiency moves toward a mandate to make more use of renewable energy. But leaders of the state Senate killed the measure. Five years ago, lawmakers did pass a bill that transferred oversight of the rate-payer funded Focus On Energy program to the Public Service Commission. The PSC’s Jolene Shield says her agency is continuing a planning process to revise goals and priorities for energy efficiency. Shield says phase two of the process means digging into the details.

Shield says PSC commissioners will be deciding how much energy savings should come from households and how much from businesses, and try to judge the impact energy prices will have. Then the PSC will look at whether to go to the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee for additional money to spur access to efficient technology.