From a story on WDIO-TV, Duluth, Minnesota:

It may surprise you but 44 states–including Minnesota and Wisconsin—don’t guarantee their residents the right to line dry their laundry. But a Superior lawmaker is making sure his clothesline-using constituents aren’t hung out to dry.

There’s a million different ways Northland residents can enjoy a Sunny sunday, but at Jan Conley’s household perfect weekend weather is reserved for hanging the laundry.

“There’s something iconic about hanging clothes out,” said Jan Conley of Lake Nebagamon. “I think there’s something really nice about it you know you feel good you’re outside you’re hanging clothes you’ve accomplished something and then when you’re done great I washed these clothes and they’re hanging out.”

A movement, dubbed the “Right to Dry” revolution by followers, began some years ago in Oregon, when homeowners’ associations began banning residents from line drying their laundry. Although none of those communities exist here, Representative Nick Milroy wants to protect those rights for his Wisconsin residents before they’re taken away.

“People really cherish their freedom in this country and I think taking away something as simple as allowing people to line dry their clothes is save money save energy it just doesn’t make send to me,” said Wisconsin State Representative, Nick Milroy of Superior.

Conley joined the “Right to Dry” movement a few years ago. She said using a dryer is a waste of energy and she wishes more of her neighbors would let the wind to handle the job.

“It’s a part of America. Its part of who we are,” said Conley.