From a demonstration project grant announcement by Focus on Energy:

This Demonstration Grant provides financial support for the installation of commercially available transpired solar wall collector systems, which are most commonly used in facilities needing large volumes of make-up air. Focus on Energy seeks applicants with an ideal site to install, assess and promote the use of this little-utilized solar technology. This special Demonstration Grant will give priority to highly visible installations at building sites of organizations with an educational mission. Public facilities with high levels of foot traffic and a means of raising awareness about the technology are encouraged to apply. Examples of highly visible locations include municipal buildings, nature centers, schools, colleges, and museums. Grant applicants are expected to prepare a visual presentation about the system and utilize displays, brochures or on-site kiosks to provide educational information about this solar technology. The project lead or the installation contractor should be prepared to present this material at a Focus-on-Energy-sponsored renewable energy event. Focus on Energy will need access to monitor the system’s energy performance, or we can assist the grant recipient in monitoring, if preferable.

A project’s funding level is based on the size and expected energy savings of the transpired solar wall collector. The maximum reward level is $45,000 and the grant will cover a maximum of 35% of the system’s installed cost for nonprofit or publicly owned facilities and a maximum of 25% for other private facilities. Demonstration Grants of up to 65% or $5,000 will also be granted for the preparation or purchase of visual materials. It is expected that up to three grants will be awarded for this special request for transpired solar wall demonstration. This grant will be funded on a competitive basis with preference given to nonprofit or publicly owned facilities. Funding may be less than the level requested by the applicant.

Focus on Energy’s policy limits awards to no more than $500,000 for any individual or business during each fiscal year. This includes projects contracted between July 1, 2007 and December 31, 2008. There is no restriction on the number of contracts an individual or business can receive within the $500,000 fiscal-year limit.