The 2010 Green Energy Summit will be held March 24-26 at the Midwest Airlines Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The theme of this seventh annual Summit is “The New Green Economy – Opportunities and Challenges.”

The 2010 Summit has three sub-themes – one for each of its three days. Wednesday, March 24, will be Green Business Day; Thursday,March 25, Green Energy Day; and Friday,March 26, Green Career Pathways/Sustainability Day.

This major conference will be of interest to representatives of businesses, government, and education (including faculty and students fromWisconsin colleges and universities and area high schools).

Keynote speakers include:

Will Steger
Founder of the Will Steger Foundation,
co-founder of the Center for Global Environmental Education,
and recipient of the National Geographic
Adventure Lifetime Achievement Award

Ed Begley, Jr.
Author of Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life,
principal of television series, Living With Ed

Lonnie Thompson
Ohio State University

Charles A. Hall
Professor of Environmental Science
State University of New York, Syracuse

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