From a column in The Daily Reporter by Jennifer L. Guslick, marketing coordinator for Hunzinger Construction, Brookfield:

Four years ago the supplies and processes I used to do my job as a marketing professional were based on attributes like color, texture, cost, benefits, functionality, quality and necessity. Then my employer, Hunzinger Construction, shifted toward sustainability.

I began looking for ways to perform my job that would create the least environmental impact — from the supplies and tools I choose to the processes I use to perform my job.

One of the first things I looked at was paper. We switched to post-consumer-content recycled paper produced by wind mills and began utilizing Forest Stewardship Certified paper.

We also looked to The Marek Group for much of our printing needs. The Marek Group uses soy-based inks and is an FSC-certified printer.

“We went through the FSC certification process so we would be able to provide our clients with an environmentally sound option for their printed material,” said Marek Vice President Ben Rocco. “We feel it is all of our responsibility to do our part to manage our natural resources.”