From an article by Stefanie Scott in Wauwatosa Now:

From commercial products to restaurant menus and government grants, campaigns of all kinds are using the ubiquitous phrase “going green.”

But several local groups are embracing the concept at a deeper level, taking on projects that can help Wauwatosa residents live more environmentally friendly lives.

Energy conservation at home
Wauwatosa resident John Bahr [a member of RENEW Wisconisn’s board of directors] is leading an effort to get neighborhoods citywide to reduce energy consumption. He is the home energy efficiency chairman for the city’s Energy Committee, formed this year.

He is working with neighborhood associations to help them make their members aware of how household and daily activities impact the environment and local resources that can assist them in sustainable living.

Bahr is recruiting people in each association to form neighborhood energy conservation groups this fall, but Tosa East Towne will be the pilot group.

Bahr’s subcommittee is creating course material for five sessions on topics including reducing trash and greenhouse gas emissions, conserving and protecting water and choosing healthy, sustainable foods. Participants will be given handouts with assignments and checklists they can use to mark off accomplished activities.

“They see what they can do within their own house using this course material and have to report back to their peers on what worked and what didn’t,” he said.