The Green Vision statement of the Milwaukee Office of Environmental Sustainability:

It’s about our economy.

It’s about our environment.

It’s about a New Milwaukee.

Milwaukee will be a livable city where our rivers and lakes are clean;
where our beaches are crowded with families enjoying the sand and water;
where our political leaders do not hesitate to innovate;
where our air is clear and our children can safely play outside on summer days;
where shopping and entertainment are within walking distance of our homes;
where employers in the hottest green technologies come to do business;
where our workforce is qualified and ready to work for these businesses;
where our city is known to young professionals around the country as a progressive place to live;
where we consider the future when we make decisions today;
where the story when it rains is how green and our streetscapes are, not that our sewerage plants have overflowed;
where citizens, businesses, and governments come together to find practical solutions our shared challenges;
and where we do the hard work to make this vision a reality.