From a story by Mark McPherson on WKBT, La Crosse:

Every day, Gundersen Lutheran works to help patients get better. Now through a new initiative they are working to help the enviroment as well.

Gundersen Lutheran’s Going Green program is something they say makes sense for everyone. “We can improve our enviroment and reduce the cost of our operation at the same time,” said Gundersen Lutheran Senior V.P. of Business Services Jerry Arndt. Arndt feels it’s especially important for a hospital to try and save energy considering how much they consume. “Hospitals use 2 1/2 times more energy than a commercial office building would for example,” said Arndt.

The program will include small changes like turning off lights and computers, but includes bigger initiatives like solar panels on the new parking ramp and using methane emissions from the City Brewery to create electricity.