From a story on WXOW News 19:

La Crosse, WI (WXOW)- Gundersen Lutheran is one step closer to becoming energy independent thanks to the La Crosse City Brewery.

“People in the La Crosse community have seen these flares for many years and we approached City Brewery and said this would be a unique partnership and a wonderful partnership to capture this waste methane, waste energy, going right now and just being released,” says Corey Zarecki, efficiency improvement leader at Gundersen Lutheran.

The combined heat and power project is located on the City Brewery’s Property.

Waste methane gas discharged from the Brewery’s waste treatment process is being turned into electricity. The process is expected to generate three million Kilowatt hours per year.

“We’re gonna be generating electricity and putting that to the grid as clean renewable energy source,” says Corey Zarecki.

The project is expected to generate 8 to 10 percent of the energy used at Gundersen Lutheran’s La Crosse and Onlaska facilities. That is enough electricity need to power 280 homes.