From a request for proposals issued for Habitat for Humanity homes:

Habitat for Humanity, Focus on Energy, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association and We Energies are accepting proposals for a market provider to perform the following work:

Installation of up to three (3) systems on new Habitat for Humanity homes in Milwaukee. There will be six (6) total installations completed; two of the installations will be installed flush with the roof line on North/South running roofs. One will be installed flush with the roof line on East/West running roofs and three will be installed on tilted frames on East/West running roofs (these are suggestions – there is room for recommendations). We are also requesting that two of the systems be installed as drain-back systems – where if you apply to install three (3) systems you must include one drain-back system installation (please see the chart for additional details). Homes will be built “solar ready” with appropriately sized joists and interior plumbing runs. . . .

Proposals should be sent to:
We Energies
Attn: Jessica Thibodo-Johnson
231 W Michigan St – P318
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Or electronically to: