From a news release issued by Focus on Energy:

Buying your home was probably one of the largest investments you’ve ever made. Now it’s up to you to care for that investment and enhance its performance by making home improvements that are smart for you, your family and the environment. The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program can show you how to do this.

How the Program WorksHome Performance with ENERGY STAR is an energy efficiency program sponsored by Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable energy initiative. The program has a network of partnering consultants throughout Wisconsin who have been trained to use the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment to test homes, identify problems and recommend solutions. The program’s qualified contractors and trade partners can then implement the recommended improvements, ensuring the work is done to Home Performance with ENERGY STAR standards.

Finding a Partnering Consultant or Qualified ContractorThe first step is to schedule an in-home evaluation with a consultant or qualified contractor who partners with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program. Every consultant and qualified contractor listed on the Focus on Energy Web site has been trained by Focus on Energy and has agreed to uphold the standards set for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. Each consultant and qualified contractor operates independently, running their own business and setting their own fees. Focus on Energy recommends calling more than one consultant or qualified contractor to compare