From a news release posted on Sys-Con Media:

LADYSMITH, WI — (Marketwire) — 05/26/10 — Indeck Ladysmith, LLC, the owner and operator of the Indeck Ladysmith BioFuel Center in Ladysmith, Wisconsin is moving forward in a partnership with Fuels for Schools and Communities, a program supported by the state of Wisconsin that encourages the use of wood biomass as an energy source for the heating of public buildings.

Representatives from Indeck Ladysmith have met with 11 local schools to discuss the possibility of replacing natural gas boilers used for heating with wood pellet boilers. Able to heat just as efficiently as conventional boilers, new wood pellet boilers would support the local biomass industry of Wisconsin while ultimately providing schools with some cost-savings.

“Focus on Energy, a government funded program here in Wisconsin, has been able to provide us with pre-feasibility studies at many of these local school districts,” said Mike Curci, Indeck Ladysmith BioFuel Center superintendant. “They are working with us to determine if replacing older natural gas boilers with updated wood pellet boilers is possible at a reduced upfront cost.”