AB 588 / SB 573 (Sen. Cowles and Rep. VanderMeer) will have a hearing in the State Senate and a committee vote in the Assembly this week at the State Capitol. This legislation attempts to clarify that selling electricity by the kilowatt-hour (instead of by the minute as is the current practice) to electric vehicles (EVs) does not subject EV charging station owners to utility regulation. However, the bill has been amended with several provisions that are of concern: 

  1. Requires that all electricity sold through an electric vehicle charger must come from the local utility, prohibiting EV chargers that get any of their electricity from a rooftop or standalone solar+storage system from being available to the public if they charge a fee.
  2. No city, village, town, county, school district, or state agency may own, operate, manage or lease a publicly available charging facility. Municipalities may authorize a utility or private entity to operate a charger on their property.

The Senate Committee on Utilities, Technology, and Telecommunications has scheduled a Public Hearing on SB573 for Wednesday, February 2, 2022, at 10:30 am, 400 Southeast. The public may testify at this hearing. Keep testimony under 5 minutes and provide a written copy if possible.
Members: Julian Bradley (Chair), Roger Roth (Vice-Chair), Van Wanggaard, Brad Pfaff, Jeff Smith

Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities has scheduled an Executive Session to vote on AB588 on Thursday, February 3, 2022, at 11:00 am, 412 East, State Capitol, Madison. There is no public testimony at this hearing (the public hearing was in October). View RENEW’s testimony on this bill here.
Members: Mike Kuglitsch (Chair); David Steffen (Vice-Chair); Travis Tranel; Loren Oldenburg; Warren Petryk; Adam Neylon; Tyler Vorpagel; Gary Tauchen; Kevin Petersen; Cody Horlacher; Beth Meyers; Lisa Subeck; Deb Andraca; Supreme Moore Omokunde; Sara Rodriguez

Please contact your legislators, especially if they are members of one of those committees, and express your concerns with this legislation. 

We also encourage you to attend the hearing in the Senate Utilities Committee on February 2nd to oppose these restrictions.

Thank you for your support!

Please email RENEW Wisconsin Director of Government Affairs, Jim Boullion, if you have any questions.