State Renewable Energy Initiative Picking Up Momentum

Statement by RENEW Wisconsin Program and Policy Director Michael Vickerman

RENEW Wisconsin is pleased to announce that our Clean Energy Choice initiative has earned the endorsement of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin.  By its action, the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin joins more than 90 other organizations, businesses and local governments across the state that believe that customers should have the legal right to purchase renewable energy produced on their premises, regardless of who owns the energy system.

Most energy customers cannot afford the installed cost of a brand-new renewable energy generator to supply them with electricity. But most could afford to have a renewable electricity service if the equipment were owned by someone else. We thank the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin for standing up for the right of customers to enter into long-term contracts to access clean energy produced on-site. 

In the 22 states that have affirmed this policy, you’ll find many citizens, businesses and nonprofit entities working with local contractors to supply their buildings with renewable electricity produced on-site.  Clean Energy Choice provides the financing flexibility that enables these citizens to supply themselves with the technologies they prefer.  Because of that flexibility, those 22 states have some of the healthiest renewable energy markets in the country, and they are happily reaping the economic and environmental benefits associated with that policy.

Wisconsin’s energy policy should aim to make it easier for customers to host clean energy systems on their premises.  It should also aim to create jobs and expand business and investment opportunities for local firms. By adopting Clean Energy Choice, Wisconsin policymakers would in a single stroke affirm their commitment to freedom of choice, economic development, environmental protection and property rights.  We call upon the Legislature to seize this opportunity when it reconvenes next month and start working to adopt this policy.

A full list of organizations, companies and local governments supporting Clean Energy Choice can be accessed at the link below.