From a report just released by the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group (WISPERG:

Milwaukee, WI – The KRM Commuter Rail line and other public transportation projects received a boost as civic leaders held an event at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station calling for approval of financing and citing a major new report on oil savings and other benefits from public transportation across the country. The WISPIRG report, A Better Way to Go: Meeting America’s 21st Century Transportation Challenges with Modern Public Transit, examines the challenges faced by America’s transportation system and the benefits of existing rail and bus projects in Wisconsin and other states.

According to the report, transit in Milwaukee is responsible for 1.1 million gallons of oil saved and $3 million dollars saved that would have otherwise been spent on gas. With rising gas prices, the report underscored the value and need for lawmakers to invest in transit. Around the country transit saves 3.4 billion gallons of oil each year, prevents 541 million hours of traffic delay and reduces global warming pollution by 26 million tons. Demand for public transportation is booming nationally, with transit trips far outpacing the growth of auto miles or population since 1995.