From a media release issued by Milwaukee Area Technical College:

A ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the erection of a wind turbine at Milwaukee Area Technical College’s Mequon Campus was held at the campus Nov. 12. The 160-foot tall unit with a blade diameter of 56 feet is the largest wind turbine on a college campus in the state. It is part of a sustainability initiative designed to educate students and the public about renewable energy technologies. . . .

Located at the south end of the campus building, the 90-kilowatt, V-17 turbine is a remanufactured unit made in Denmark by Vestas, the world’s largest manufacturer of turbines. It does not feed electricity to We Energies but supplies power directly to the Mequon Campus. . It will directly provide about 8 percent of the campus’ electricity, saving taxpayer dollars.

The wind tower cost approximately $200,000, with grants of $57,000 from Focus on Energy and $25,000 from We Energies. The college expects to recoup its investment within eight years or less at current energy prices.

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