From Milwaukee Shines:

The . . . map features 65 of the estimated 175 homes and businesses with solar energy installations in the 7-county Milwaukee metro area.

The City of Milwaukee, through the Solar America Cities program, has a goal of installing at least 100 solar electric systems and 50 solar hot water systems with a combined production of one megawatt of solar energy in Milwaukee by 2012.

Using data from Focus on Energy, Milwaukee Shines estimates that the City of Milwaukee currently has approximately 30 solar electric systems and 20 solar hot water systems in operation that produce a combined 350 kW of energy.

Help us reach our goal! Solar is a viable energy source in southeastern Wisconsin. Contact Milwaukee Shines, Focus on Energy, or We Energies to find out if you qualify for a solar installation incentive.

Finally, if you have a solar energy system on your home or business and would like to be featured on our map, please contact Andrea Luecke at 414-286-5593 or