11.12.12 State’s Renewable Standard Delivers Positive Results
09.27.12 RENEW Raps We Energies’ Radical Proposal to Restrict Net Metering
09.11.12 Utilities Get C on Renewable Energy Report Card
07.17.12 Cashton Greens Community Wind Project Plows New Ground
07.11.12 RENEW Announces New Members of Board of Directors
07.05.12 Focus on Energy Resumes Offer of Renewable Energy Incentives
05.23.12 RENEW Rips WPS’s Net Metering Proposal
04.17.12 PSC Issues Flawed Decision on Renewable Energy
03.16.12 RENEW Cheers End of Wind Siting Impasse

10.13.11 RENEW Puts Solar Hot Water on the Wisconsin Map
09.27.11 Montfort Wind Farm Marks 10th Anniversary
08.08.11 Statement of Michael Vickerman on Alliant’s Iowa Wind Energy Project
07.20.11 RENEW Debuts Wisconsin Renewable Energy Map
07.18.11 National Study Vindicates Wisconsin’s Clean Energy Policies
07.05.11 Funding Hiatus Darkens Outlook for In-State Renewables
05.13.11 We Energies Terminates Its Renewable Energy Program
04.15.11 Rising Diesel Prices Fuel Higher Electric Rates
03.30.11 Second Wind Developer Foresakes Wisconsin for Greener Pastures
03.27.11 Hostile Regulatory Climate Sinks Brown County Wind Project.
03.01.11 Suspension of Wind Siting Rule endangers state’s economic future
01.18.11 Walker’s wind siting proposal strips local control
01.10.11 Landowners and municipalities to reap millions from wind farm operations for 2010

12.09.10 PSC Approves Final Wind Siting Rule; Improve Clean Energy Outlook
12.01.10 Wisconsin Cannot Afford to Ignore Rising Cost of Coal
09.16.10 MGE Rate Filing Rewards Fossil Fuel Use, Penalizes Renewable Energy
07.07.10 Uniformity Cited as Key to Wind Siting Success
06.09.10 Village of Cascade Installs Two Wind Turbines at Wastewater Plant
06.04.10 DOE program recognizes Vickerman for wind advocacy
05.24.10 Canadian company’s first U.S. turbine spins plenty of power for cranberry farm
04.27.10 Renewable Energy Not Responsible for MGE Rate Increase
04.23.10 RENEW Wisconsin Calls for Veto of Waste-to-energy bill
04.21.10 We Energies Wins Praise for Support of Clean Energies Job Act
04.15.10 RENEW Wisconsin Backs Amended Clean Energy Jobs Act
01.29.10 Hearing on Clean Energy Jobs Act bill trivialized Advanced Renewable Tariffs
01.21.10 RENEW denounces WMC’s “fact-free flip-flop” on energy bill
01.11.10 Wind project approval will recharge state’s economy

12.22.09 Think tank flunks renewable energy analysis
12.15.09 Report: Wind turbines cause no human harm
10.30.09 PSC Approval of Bay Front Project Advances Wood Over Coal
10.23.09 Solar Outlook Set to Dim in 2010
09.15.09 State Senate strongly backs new rules for wind projects
08.27.09 PSC opens door for more in-state renewable installations
07.09.09 Statement on PSC approval of Alliant’s Bent Tree project
05.08.09 State snares federal dollars for renewable energy work
01.22.09 Manitowoc County Says “No Can Do” to Windpower Project

12.03.08 RENEW, Farmers Union, and partners launch Homegrown Renewable Energy Campaign
11.17.08 RENEW, Clean Wisconsin endorse Manitowoc wind project
11.11.08 RENEW’s reaction to PSC rejection of Cassville coal plant
01.16.08 Calumet County morass blocks wind projects again

12.18.07 Trempealeau sharply limits wind service