From an article by Jim Massey in The Country Today:

MADISON – A Canadian renewable-energy company says it plans to build biogas facilities in Wisconsin and elsewhere that would use manure and rendering industry byproducts to produce electricity.

Ontario-based StormFisher Biogas plans to build one Wisconsin project in 2009 and two or three more between 2010 and 2012, according to StormFisher Biogas development manager Chris Amey. It plans to partner on some of the projects with Sanimax, an animal byproducts company with facilities in DeForest, Abbotsford, Evansville and Green Bay.

Amey said StormFisher plans to build the facilities on farms with at least 2,000 cows. Each project would cost $15 million to $25 million and would create 12 to 20 full-time jobs.

Amey said the company is still finalizing agreements with dairy producers, so he couldn’t reveal where the farms are located. But he said the 2009 project would be in central or northwest Wisconsin.