From an editorial in The Country Today:

We hear it all the time in rural Wisconsin communities: “We don’t want that wind farm, large dairy operation or anaerobic digester in our neighborhood.”

The not-in-my-backyard mentality hasn’t gone away and it isn’t likely to anytime soon.

The NIMBY attitude really isn’t so hard to understand. If someone lived in a peaceful rural neighborhood and that person had a choice, he or she probably would opt not to have that tranquility disrupted by a large business being built next door, whether it be an ethanol plant, a hog confinement operation or a widget factory.

It would be quite unusual to hear, “Please don’t build that in my backyard, build it in my front yard!”

Within the past week, stories have crossed our desks about a large dairy project near Rosendale, a Manitowoc County wind farm and a community animal-manure digester project in Dane County.