From an article in the Tomah Journal:

Solid Waste Manager Gail Frie offered a plan to generate energy and extend the life of Monroe County’s Ridgeville landfill at Monday’s meeting of the Solid Waste Management Committee. The committee approved $14,000 to begin the initial planning for the gas to energy project.

Frie, who was Vernon County’s solid waste manager for 18 years, said he had put a lot of study into the project. He said, “Every citizen of Monroe County should have a direct benefit from this project.”

The solid waste manager told the committee that he had “…done a lot of thinking…” on the plan so that the county had no cost. He did not want to tie up county bonding for a landfill project. He added that his focus was on saving money and extending the life of the landfill.

The gas to energy project is a $6 million proposal funded with United States Department of Agriculture grants and loans and funds from partners including Alliant Energy, Focus on Energy and Gundersen-Lutheran. Food waste would be the principal source of energy. The county would save over $500,000 in landfill operation costs. Gundersen-Lutheran would buy the electricity generated by the plan.