RENEW Wisconsin, Clean Wisconsin, and the
Sierra Club are pushing for the State of Wisconsin to adopt “a policy
expressly allowing customers to enter into contracts with third parties
who install, own and operate a renewable energy system at the customer’s
premises.” This initiative is called “Clean Energy Choice” and is one
way to greatly expand solar energy installation in Wisconsin. 

The Eau Claire County Board, under the leadership of
Chairman Gregg Moore, is considering a resolution in support of Clean
Energy Choice in Wisconsin on Tuesday, June 18 at 7:00PM in the County

 Later this summer, a similar resolution will go in front of the Eau
Claire City Council. La Crosse County and Dane County have already
passed resolutions, and if enough municipalities do so the State of
Wisconsin will hopefully be compelled to act.  Please use the Clean Energy Choice talking points below to guide you when you contact your county supervisor before Tuesday:

RENEW’s “Clean Energy Choice” Initiative  

Talking Points

Wisconsin must adopt a policy
expressly allowing customers to enter into contracts with
third parties who install, own and operate a renewable
energy system at the customer’s premises.
  •  Current ambiguities in public
    utility law interfere with customers’ ability to access clean energy produced
    on their premises.
    Clean Energy Choice
    their right to decide how they wish to purchase or implement a renewable energy
    system for their site.

  •   Because the third party
    owner provides the up-front capital under this arrangement, this policy will
    greatly expand the number of energy users who can afford to host wind, solar or
    biogas systems serving their homes or businesses.

  •  In contrast to standard
    utility electric service, purchasing energy directly from a renewable energy
    system enables households and businesses to lock in predetermined prices for 10
    years or longer.

  •   In contrast to renewable
    energy purchased from utilities through their green power programs, the price
    of energy from a third-party owned renewable energy system does not increase or
    decrease as a result of short-term fluctuations in the cost of conventional

  •  Clean Energy Choice will enable nonprofit
    entities to team up with for-profit companies that can take full advantage of
    federal tax incentives, such as the 30% Investment Tax Credit and accelerated

  •  Earlier this year, the
    U.S. military solicited bids from businesses and developers to supply its bases
    and facilities with renewable energy produced by third parties on-site. The
    total amount of the pending solicitation is $7 billion. Unfortunately, without
    a Clean
    Energy Choice
    policy in place, there were no bids from companies to
    install renewables in Wisconsin.

  • Energy from a third
    party-owned system either flows to the customer directly, offsetting
    consumption, or is sold to the utility under an approved tariff. The rate
    impact from these installations would be negligible.

  • Clean Energy Choice would help households
    and businesses overcome the diminishing supply of renewable energy incentive
    dollars available from Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program and utilities at no extra cost to ratepayers and taxpayers.

  • Clean Energy Choice will greatly expand market
    opportunities for Wisconsin companies and their employees who are part of the
    state’s renewable energy supply chain. For example, there are an estimated 135
    companies in Wisconsin participating in the solar market, including Helios,
    Ingeteam, and Caleffi, three Milwaukee-based manufacturers.

Also, please consider attending the Eau Claire
County Board meeting on Tuesday, June 18 at 7:00PM in the County
Boardroom, 1st Floor Courthouse, Room 1277, 721 Oxford Ave., Eau Claire,
WI. Members of the public may speak at the very beginning of the
meeting for up to 5 minutes each.