10.11.12 Solar powering your community with Clean Energy Choice09.13.12 Update on 2012 Initiatives
07.12.12 Pathways to Increase Renewable Energy
06.16.12 Empower customers to overcome institutional and cultural barriers to renewables in Wisconsin!

Renewable Energy in Wisconsin: Anatomy of a Long, Strange Trip and Where We’re Headed Next

11.16.10 Wind Permitting in Wisconsin: What We’ve Learned in 12 Years
06.19.20 Wind Permitting Outlook
03.24.10 Revitalizing Wisconsin with Homegrown Renewable Energy

06.21.09 Revitalizing Ourselves Through Renewable Energy
06.05.09 Wind and Baseload Planning
04.30.09 Wind in Wisconsin: Permitting Crisis
04.29.09 Wisconsin Wind: Outlook for 2009 and Beyond
03.25.09 Getting Serious About Solar Hot Water
03.26.09 Economic Development Impacts of Renewable Energy
02.05.09 Revitalizing America through renewable energy

11.13.08 Public Service Commission presentation about the Wisconsin potential for Wind on the Water
11.01.08 Tiptoe Through the Minefields: Permitting Wind Projects in Wisconsin
10.24.08 The Competitive Advantage of Solar Hot Water in Wisconsin
09.26.08 Wind in Wisconsin: Ready for the Big Leagues
06.22.08 Leveling the Playing Field for Renewables in Wisconsin
05.07.08 Advanced Renewable Tariffs
04.04.08 Driving Away from the Oil Economy

12.13.07 Solar hot water: The search for persuasive yet truthful marketing messages
10.21.07 Anatomy of a State Renewable Energy Purchase

02.28.06 Brett Hulsey’s presentation on solutions to peak oil
01.02.06 Peak Oil: Are We Headed Over the Cliff?

10. .05 Fossil Fuel Watch: Stirrings in the Land of What-Me-Worry?