The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) delivered a unanimous decision on Friday to keep net metering in the Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) territory. This action is a win, not just for MGE customers but for all of Wisconsin.

“It almost felt as though it was a half-hearted proposal, and so I didn’t feel like there was enough information to support authorizing it [MGE’s proposed net metering change],” said PSCW Chairperson Rebecca Valq. “… for Wisconsin to have a consistent approach to net metering, I would not approve this proposal.”

There was overwhelming support to keep net metering in MGE’s service territory. There were 500 members of the public and 14 intervenors, including RENEW, who opposed MGE’s proposed net metering changes. This collective effort played a vital role in ensuring rooftop solar will remain financially viable for MGE solar customers.

This decision from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin represents a major win for rooftop solar and the solar industry in Wisconsin. Net metering is fundamental in ensuring that rooftop solar owners are properly incentivized and compensated for their energy generation. We look forward to working with other utilities to ensure residential rooftop solar and large-scale renewable projects remain viable tools for meeting Wisconsin’s decarbonization goals.

Net metering has a direct impact on the local economy. The installation, maintenance, and servicing of rooftop solar systems creates employment opportunities, providing long-term benefits for Wisconsin communities and businesses. RENEW is celebrating the decision made by the PSCW today to ensure equitable access to solar for all Wisconsin families and create certainty for local solar installers.

The collective efforts of our members, partners, and the general public were crucial in the effort to protect net metering. Thank you to everyone who made their voices heard in the MGE rate case. We look forward to hearing from the PSCW again later this November when they deliver their decision for the Alliant Energy rate case.