RENEW Wisconsin was honored to participate in the Monona (WI) Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 29. Emerging Technology Director Francisco Sayu, his family, and RENEW Intern Julia Herkert attended this community celebration to honor U.S. veterans and spread awareness about electric vehicles (EVs) and Wisconsin’s clean energy future. 

“To participate in an event where staff members were able to connect with the community, but also able to honor the Americans who have given their lives serving their country, was an uplifting and memorable experience,” said Herkert. “RENEW hopes the information shared with parade attendees helps Wisconsin families understand the benefits of transitioning to EVs.”

RENEW staff walked alongside Geoff Hoffman; The owner of Hoffman Manufacturing and an advocate of clean energy, who provided a Tesla Roadster —Tesla’s first production car— to use as a parade vehicle. 

Decorated with a RENEW Wisconsin banner, the car was immediately recognized by many as Hoffman’s Tesla is a popular sight among members of the community of all ages. RENEW staff members were happy to answer questions ranging from “Are electric vehicles convenient for owners with families?” to “Woah, is that a Tesla?”. 

RENEW staff addressed many questions about EV operation and charging infrastructure. They were also able to communicate the benefits of a decarbonized Wisconsin economy. 

RENEW is grateful to Hoffman Manufacturing and the City of Monona for the opportunity to participate in this event and discuss renewable energy and electric vehicles with the Monona community.